Keegan Allen: A Summary {insp}

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Aria Montgomery + coffee

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Heads up, hon. Hefty Hanna never gets the guy. -A

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I want to know what I did to make you hate me so much.

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Tyler Blackburn | What´s your favorite pickup line?

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spencer + hair up

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i’m really tired of everyone treating me like i’m made out of glass.

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ashley benson and shay mitchell’s relationship is so important

look, for real, they are super important. i’ve never seen rumors of the two of them fighting or having a hard time on set or being annoyed by anyone ever. they know we like to see them both as couple and friends and they are more than willingly to take pictures to show how much they love each other and how much they love us. believe me, i’ve been following them for almost four years and even though i admire a lot of friendships between female co-stars, ashley and shay are the only ones who do not give a damn about the rumors or how people talk about their relationship and i think that’s amazing

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